• Improved Organizational Efficiency

    SALESmPRO empowers your Sales Team not only with valuable relevant information from your Tally.ERP 9 Database but also equips them with all the tools they need to perform. Anytime-Anywhere availability of accurate and up-to-date information regarding Customers and Products removes even the slightest possibility of excuses for not studying and acting upon the information. Likewise, SALESmPRO‘s extremely simple and always-on mechanism for generating and sending Quotations instantly leaves no room for procrastination in this regard. Back at the Head Office, SALESmPRO allows the Accounts Officers to peacefully complete their responsibilities as opposed to acting as an Enquiry Desk for the Sales Team.

  • Better Control on Receivables & Reduced Bad Debts

    Any experienced businessman agrees that the one thing more important than Selling is to closely monitor and control accounts receivables. Bad debts resulting from erroneous credit decisions have often been found to cause ugly dents in a healthy bottom-line. SALESmPRO makes tracking and controlling customer balances as well as sending instant payment reminders an extremely simple and effortless activity. A quick glance at the Customer’s Payment Performance Report (for history of delays) or the Ledger Account (to scan for any bounced cheques) can help the Sales Professional in taking an informed decision while booking an Order, which in turn goes a long way in Reducing the total Bad Debts of the business.

  • Increased Sales

    In today’s highly competitive business environment, no Sales Professional can afford to make a prospective customer wait for a quotation. Most Customers associate a company’s Quick Pre-Sales responses time with better After-Sales Service capability. SALESmPRO’s powerful features like Digital Catalog and Instant Quotations combined with its tools for easy follow-ups will help the Sales Team achieve much higher Sales Targets.

  • Reduced Operating Costs and Scalability

    Imagine a limited work area of a 1000 sq.ft. in your office allocated for the Sales Team where they sit on their workstations typing Quotations on their energy-guzzling PCs and Laptops. How many salespeople can you accommodate there? What’s the plan for scalability? Now imagine a truly mobile Sales team – punching and dispatching Quotations, Reminders and Follow-ups from their mobile phones – while sitting in a cab, while waiting for a bus, while standing in the train or sitting in the prospective customer’s office. SALESmPRO delivers the tremendous benefits of mobile computing that can give a business the competitive edge that makes all the difference.

  • Motivated Sales Force

    When you give SALESmPRO to your Salesman today, you also give him a number of reasons to feel proud and motivated. Motivation from working for a dynamic company that has employed tomorrow’s technology today. Motivation from holding a technology marvel in his hand that is capable of helping him to achieve career goals. Motivation from using a Digital Catalog instead of carrying heavy sample bags or printed catalogs. Motivation from the knowledge that he is doing his bit to save the planet by not powering up a 400Watt computer just to send a quote or a reminder.

  • Very Easy to Implement

    SALESmPRO doesn’t require you to invest millions in expensive and complicated server hardware or software. It works with your existing internet infrastructure and Tally.ERP 9 – India’s most popular, most economical and most user-friendly business management software. On the mobile end, SALESmPRO offers you a choice from a wide variety of economical handsets from multiple manufacturers starting from as low as Rs. 7000/-. SALESmPRO is so simple to install and use that it does not require any kind of special training and there is virtually no learning curve. Your Sales Team will actually start sending off quotations and reminders within minutes of acquiring it.